Succulent, sweet and tasty Good Natured strawberries, Pesticide residue free fruit

May Day Menu

At, Good Natured we are potty about food, so we thought it would be nice to encourage some leisurely May Day pottering amongst our blog readers by helping to plan a May Day menu for you. Everything we have chosen is simple to prepare, giving you lots of time to put your feet up and relax! Continue reading


A stress free guide to cooking on Christmas!

Christmas Day should be one filled with joy, laughter and surrounding yourself with loved ones. But for those in charge of cooking on the big day it can be quite a different experience. We know how easy it is to get worked up about all the tasks that lie ahead when you wake up on Christmas morning, but by following our “Stress Free Christmas Cooking Guide” we promise you can be prepared and enjoy every minute of Christmas Day! Continue reading


Let the Festivities Begin…

We all love a good old moan at this time of year, yes we need to get up early to defrost the car, yes our hands are always freezing, we may have the occasional slip on the icy pavements and the shops are always too busy but for some reason it is still my all time favorite time of year… Continue reading


Tis the season for pumpkins!

When we mention pumpkins most people automatically think of Halloween decorations, carving them and sticking a candle inside! But pumpkins are overlooked as a wonderful ingredient for so many heart warming autumn recipes. So throughout October when all the supermarkets are filled with them, don’t just buy them for the kids…get creative in the kitchen. Here is a selection of our favourites! Continue reading


Good Natured in the City!

Last week,Team Good Natured left the countryside and headed to the big city for the Olympics! It was the perfect weekend break of sport and food, our two favourite things. As soon as we arrived in London there was a general buzz surrounding the games which was just so exciting and wonderful to be a part of. The support for Team GB is incredible Continue reading


If You Go Down To The Farm Today…

Good Natured HQ is located on East Seaton Farm, which is also where we grow our Succulent Strawberries! Not surprisingly, things on the farm are pretty hectic at this time of year getting all our delicious strawberries from the field to the supermarket. This week I put on my wellies and had a wander around to see exactly what is going on! Continue reading


Eat with the Seasons!

Summer time is when British food is at its all time best! All our fruit and veg faves from tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, asparagus to berries and new potatoes are now in season in the UK, making it so simple to eat fresh, local and healthy over the summer months! Continue reading


Naturally Beautiful!

It is a well known fact that eating fruit and veg is good for our health. Getting your five a day protects us from everything from common colds to more serious illnesses and helps to keep our skin, hair and nails glowing. Recent trends show that there has been a rise in fruit and vegetable extracts being found in beauty products . Continue reading

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