Succulent, sweet and tasty Good Natured strawberries, Pesticide residue free fruit

Growing methods

Our Good Natured farmers like to use natural predators like ladybirds to control pests like greenfly which would cause the plants harm.

This natural way of controlling pests and disease ensures the fruit and vegetables are the safest they can be and are as Good Natured as we are.

We grow using varieties which are hardy and naturally resistant to pests and diseases and by growing in glasshouses and tunnels, we reduce the pest and disease pressure on the plants which means our plants can get on with the important job of growing!

Only very kind and gentle people are allowed to care for our Good Natured produce as we spend longer caring and nurturing our plants but we believe the more time spent over the wellbeing of our plants the better tasting the fruit and salads. After you taste them, we think you will agree too.

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