Succulent, sweet and tasty Good Natured strawberries, Pesticide residue free fruit

Succulent Strawberries Back by popular demand!

Pesticide Residue Free Succulent Strawberries are in stores now, so give yourself a treat next time you are shopping!

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Sunshine and warmth exactly what our Good Natured Strawberries need!

Find them in Asda and Morrisons - sweet, juicy and quite simply delicious; with our new recipes you can put them to good use!

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Think eco logic

Here at Good Natured, we care a great deal about the environment and we know you do too! That is why where ever possible, our packaging is recyclable and compostable.

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Click below to find all of our scrumptious recipes. From carrot cake to potato salads, we have recipes for every occasion, using all of our Good Natured fruit, salad and potatoes. read more

meet the growers


We have growers based all across the UK and around the world, growing and nurturing our Good Natured products for you. All of our growers work in harmony with Mother Nature to grow products that are the safest and tastiest they can be. meet the family!


Bubble Bath for FB March 14

We thought this weekend is a perfect opportunity to look at ways to spoil someone in your life who means a lot to you - but on a budget! After all the best things in life are not hugely extravagant but kind simple touches in our opinion. read more


our range

Good Natured is a range of pesticide residue free products, including Strawberries. All or our Good Natured farmers use natural predators like ladybirds to control pests like greenfly which would cause harm to the plants. This natural way of controlling pest and diseases ensures our whole range is the safest it can be and is as Good Natured as we are.

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